Perfect Crime

BUY TICKETS ($30 - $60)
2hr. (1 intermission)



This is the only show I ever saw where they had to give you a handout at the end explaining everything -- it was that confusing. Skip it.

Confusing and Boring

How can this be the longest running play? I think the lead has been performing in this role for toooo long. TIme to move on. I suggest passing on this one!

Avoid like the plague

I had never fallen asleep during a theater performance until I saw "The Perfect Crime" this summer. Plot is convoluted, acting is hackneyed and actors are poorly miced. Whoever markets this is a genius because I have no idea how its been running for as long as it has been. Avoid!

it's the most boring show.

Most boring show Ive been, Confusing. Regretted my experience. Dont go, you will waste your money!


I was very disappointed with this play. It read better on the flyer then it did live in the theater. The lead actress who I thought was new to the play was too loud, mechanical and not believable at all. I wasn?t aware till the end of the play that she?s been acting in the play since opening night over 25 years ago. The play takes a few twist and turns but nothing good enough for the play to run for such a long period of time. I definitely will not be recommending this play to anyone. It?s way over priced for what you get.

little stale

The plot was a little confusing, acting not bad though romantic connection not believable.