Pants on Fire's Metamorphoses

Opened Jan 5, 2011
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Pant's On Fire's actor-musician extravaganza relocates Roman mythology to 1940's wartime Britain. Ovid's epic tales of heroics, love, gods, monsters and the secrets of the universe are revealed through gasmasks, gramophones, live original songs, dance, puppetry, film and darkly comic, dynamic storytelling. A fun-packed exploration of man's relationship with nature. In Pants on Fire's Metamoprhoses, Cupid is an evacuee with a catapult. Narcissus is a Hollywood Matinee Idol drooling over his screen image. And an Andrews Sisters chorus finds close harmony amid cosmic chaos. The Guardian raved, "Welcome to the swell party that is Pants On Fire's glorious retelling of Ovid's tales of myth and fancy. A breakthrough show… Rich in inventions!"

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Pants on Fire's Metamorphoses - Jan 9, 2011

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