Our House

Opened Jun 9, 2009
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What happens when news and entertainment are interchangeable? In a cautionary tale ripped from today's headlines, a power-hungry TV mogul faced with dwindling ratings installs America's favorite news anchor as host of a popular reality show. Meanwhile, in Middle America, a houseful of roommates bicker over high-stakes real-world conflicts: Merv doesn't clean the bathroom, someone ate Alice's yogurt, and the rent is long past due. When reality suddenly collides with reality TV, we find ourselves front and center in the thorniest hostage drama since Waco. Theresa Rebeck's Our House is a deliciously scathing new comedy that takes on a media-obsessed culture intent on turning even the most sobering crisis into sexy entertainment.

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Our House - Jun 9, 2009

Morena Baccarin, Stephen Kunken, Jeremy Strong, Christopher Evan Welch, et al. Set for Our House - Apr 6, 2009

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