Our God's Brother

Opened Apr 4, 2014
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An aristocrat turned revolutionary escapes from the Czarist authorities and finds his calling as a critically acclaimed painter. But he cannot ignore what everyone around him fails to see. He yearns to reach a higher calling only to be soundly rejected. Rebellion is brewing, but his far greater challenge is the struggle within himself.

Karol Wojtyła was a young seminarian in Poland who, at 21, during WWII, became a co-founder of the underground Rhapsodic Theatre. His play, The Jeweler's Shop was made into a film with Burt Lancaster in 1989. In 1978, Wojtyła was elected Pope John Paul II and is due to be canonized this April 27th.

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Our God's Brother, Written by Pope John Paul II, Will Be Produced in New York City - Mar 20, 2014

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