Noël Coward Suite in 2 Keys

Opened Apr 10, 2000
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Hayley Mills will make her New York theatre debut in two of the last plays ever written by the great Noël Coward. Shadows of the Evening, is set in a private hotel suite in Lausanne, Switzerland, the play depicts an encounter among George, a well-to-do publisher, Linda, his mistress of seven years and Anne, his wife who has never divorced him. When a terminal illness is revealed, the three engage in a verbal folly, both comic and poignant, about love, loyalty, betrayal, fear, honesty and courage. A Song at Twilight is the story of Sir Hugo, an aging eminent writer and his wife of 20 years, Hilde who are visited by his ex-lover Carlotta. When Carlotta threatens to publish letters that expose a long hidden secret from Sir Hugo's past, a brilliant and witty battle ensues.


Noël Coward's Suite in 2 Keys - Apr 11, 2000

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