My Wonderful Day

Opened Nov 18, 2009
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Direct from its world premiere at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough comes the US premiere of Alan Ayckbourn's 73rd play, My Wonderful Day. Winnie lives in a world full of adults. She's off school for the day and has an essay to write, "My Wonderful Day." What better time to write it than today? What better opportunity than quietly seated unnoticed in a corner, while mother busies herself around the house? What better source of material than the bizarre and increasingly frenetic comings and goings of adults in the weird household in which she finds herself? Sit with Winnie and observe her "Wonderful" day and be prepared to be appalled! Grown ups, really, they're such children! Part of the sixth annual Brits Off Broadway Festival.

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My Wonderful Day - Nov 18, 2009

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