My Trip to Al-Qaeda

Opened Mar 6, 2007
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The Culture Project presents a stage adaptation of best-selling author Lawrence Wright's My Trip To Al-Qaeda. This unique production follows in Al Gore's footsteps by using facts, figures and powerpoint to weave the details of a complex global issue --­ in this case the rise of Al-Qaeda ­ into a compelling, dramatic and unquestionably timely story. Wright stars in this solo show, directed by Gregory Mosher. Before September 11th, 2001, Al-Qaeda was largely unknown to most Americans. But for many members of the FBI, CIA, politicians and intelligence operatives worldwide, it represented a very real, constant and growing threat. In My Trip To Al-Qaeda, Wright utilizes never-before-seen evidence, transcripts and court documents to illustrate how this organization fomented and implemented their attack on America -- and became a defining force in America's foreign policy and national psyche. Wright's work is the result of interviews with over six hundred people (including members of Al-Qaeda) throughout the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, as well as New York and Washington.

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My Trip to Al-Qaeda - Mar 5, 2007

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