My Trip Down the Pink Carpet



RE:My Trip Down The Pink Carpet

This production was seen in June 2010 in the Midtown Theater Midtown NYC: If you have not yet had the opportunity to see Leslie Jordan performing his production of My Trip Down the Pink Carpet, then run, don?t walk, to buy tickets now. If you missed him in NYC, don?t worry he is still touring the country so you just might have the opportunity to catch him again. During the entire evening Leslie is so openly candid about his upbringing, substance abuse, coming out and even love life that you just have to fall in love with him. Interwoven with his own personal life?s story he also tells stories and funny antidotes about his career, crushes, fellow co-stars and even the accidental way he landed his big role, of Beverley Leslie, on Will & Grace. The low point of his career/ life was actually while he was in rehab, when he was told by his sponsor that he, the flamboyant fun loving homosexual, was a ?fag hating fag?. This sudden realization and subsequent remarkable recovery, from this point in his life, are to be applauded. His stories, which are not always happy, portray a real life that everybody can relate to in one way or the other. Although the night I went the crowd was predominately men do not let this stop you from going if you are a fan. His stories will have you laughing out loud all evening and nobody will leave the theater feeling that they were not welcome there. The only low point of the evening is that with Leslie?s soft voice the sometimes overpowering music, he selected to play during various segments of the night, drown out the actor?s monologue which is truly sad because you will want to hang on every word he says.