My Scandalous Life

1hr. 45min. (1 intermission)


Irish Repertory Theater presents the world premiere of Thomas Kilroy's My Scandalous Life, a new play about Oscar Wilde's lover, Lord Alfred Douglas. John Going directs the production, which stars Des Keogh and Fiana Tiobin. Set in 1944 in the middle of the Second World War, the play tells the story of Lord Alfred Douglas, Oscar Wilde's beloved Bosie, who, overcome with memories of the notorious love affair that rocked England, struggles to examine the mysteries of his own identity. Forever linked to Wilde... the scandal... the violent trials which led to Wilde's imprisonment... the guilt... and the subsequent half-century he lived after Wilde, who died alone in Paris in 1900, Bosie searches for the very personal meaning of a life forever the subject of endless conjecture. As his wife Olive lies dying upstairs, Lord Douglas displays unexpected depths of feelings, as he copes with his marriage, his memories of Oscar, and the tragic fate of his only son.

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My Scandalous Life - Feb 6, 2011

Des Keogh to Star in Irish Rep's My Scandalous Life, About Lord Alfred Douglas - Jan 7, 2011

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