My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish & I'm in Therapy!

1hr. 30min.


Not what we expected

One man doing stand up comedy. Old jokes, some of them funny but mainly boring. I would have rathered saved the $70 a ticket to go to a show at Carolines for comedy!

old, stale jokes

I would not recommend this show at all. First of all, it was NOT A PLAY. It was a stand up comedian doing jokes based upon one theme which was his family. There are no other people and no acting. In a play, the actors do not talk to the audience like this man did. If I wanted to see a stand up comedy routine I would have gone to one. I wanted to see a play and was very disappointed. Also the jokes were so old, most of them were groaners.

Go to the bathroom before the show

I really didnt know what kind of show I would be seeing. From the time the show starts until he moves to the door to leave, it is non stop laughter. He described so many situations that I could identify with and understand that it seemed as if he was clairoyant with respect to my family. I would reccommend this play to any one who wants an evening of pure unadultoried humor. Go see this play. Just go see it.