My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer

The Flea Theater
41 White St, New York, NY 10013
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The Flea Theater

41 White St New York, NY 10013


Opened Jul 24, 2014. Closing Dec 20, 2014

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AROUSAL & The Lover
The Mysteries
My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer
Family Furniture
Mary-Kate Olsen is in Love
Sarah Flood in Salem Mass
The Recommendation
Under the Greenwood Tree
Dirty Paki Lingerie
Exodus Code: Advice for Wanderers
a cautionary tail
White Hot
The Notebook of Trigorin
Digital Debussy
American Song
27th Annual Performance Mix Festival
The Vandal
Restoration Comedy
American Song
The Flying Latke
I Hate F_cking Mexicans
Act Before You Speak, the Tragic History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Israel Horovitz One-Acts
These Seven Sicknesses
New Play Festival
You Better Sit Down: Tales from My Parents' Divorce
Dance Conversations 2012
These Seven Sicknesses
Working On A Special Day
She Kills Monsters
Kutsukake Tokijiro
#serials@theflea Cycle 4
Whales and Souls
#serials@theflea: Cycle 3
Oscar Wilde's Salome
Benito Cereno
Benito Cereno
Just Cause
Future Anxiety
American Sexy
A World Apart
Pants on Fire's Metamorphoses
Looking at Christmas
Office Hours
Sex in Mommyville
Gormanzee and Other Stories
Parents' Evening
La Boheme (Spoken)
La Boheme (Spoken)
The Best of Edinburgh
Little Gem
The Great Recession
The Oldsmobiles
Twelfth Night (Flea Theater)
Infiltrage 2
Even Maybe Tammy (or, a Cockamamie Bucket of Ruckus)
2009 Tribeca New Music Festival
Music @ The Flea
One-Offs: An Evening of Improvised Dances
Love/Stories (Or But You Will Get Used To It)
Kaspar Hauser
A Light Lunch
The Footage
I Must Be Off
Linus & Alora
The Economic Engine
Pinchbottom Declares War!
The Amelia Project, Phase II
Imperia Saves the World: Cause Baby, No Worry, No Funk, Time to be Sunshine Drunk
Bar la Barca
2008 Tribeca New Music Festival
The Break-Up and The Happy Sad
Lower Ninth
Offending The Audience
Oh, the Humanity and other exclamations
Bingo with the Indians
New Music Downtown
America LoveSexDeath
The Complete Cabaret Songs of William Bolcom and Arnold Weinstein
Ramble-Ations: A One D'Lo Show
From the Heart: A Celebration of Asian & Asian American Women
On the Island
Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects
I.E. In Other Words
Smoke and Mirrors
Lava Love
Tribeca New Music Festival '07
Los Angeles
The Director
Music-Theatre Group: Golden Motors
Music-Theatre Group: The Rose Project
Music With A View
'Twas the Night Before...
Post Mortem
The Guys
Picking Up the Baby
Blue Balls: The Story the NYPD Hoped Wouldn't Be Told
Shelf Life
Dear America
I Come in Peace
Atta Boy Zimmy
Back of the Throat
Michael Wolff
Tribeca New Music Festival '06
Michael Wolff & Badal Roy Duo with Thad DeBrock
Mercy on the Doorstep
Raw Impressions #21: Triple Threat
Raw Impressions #20: Contemporary Music Theatre
The Mag 7
Sister and Miss Lexie
New Music Downtown
Ashley Montana Goes Ashore in the Caicos or What am I Doing Here?
Screen Play
The Lightning Field
Half Life
No Return
The Dirty Talk
Half Life
Surviving David
Bridezilla Strikes Back!
Word Infirmia: The Criminal Perspectives Project
Arias For The Mundane
Sweet Nothings for My Neurosurgeon
"add : infinitum" T E A (Trans-personal Education & Art)
The Neta Dance Company: Netro
Tribeca New Music Festival '05
Margo Veil
Recital Series
The John Adams-Louis Andriessen Jukebox: In Shuffle Mode
A Heartbeat to Baghdad
Mrs. Farnsworth
Kate Crackernuts
The Wanderer
The Vomit Talk of Ghosts
Tribeca New Music Festival
Design Your Kitchen
The Lake
Burger Nation
Give Us Your Children!
The Parrot
The Slappy and Monday Show
Dance Conversations
Powder Keg
Like I Say
Complete Cabaret Songs of Bolcom & Weinstein
Getting Into Heaven
Tango 'til They're Sore
The Bat Reading Series
Decadancetheatre: Behind the Beat
Men Without Shadows
O Jerusalem
Prayer: Sacred Dances
Anything's Dream
The Guys
Clown Brain
Patchwork: Stories, Songs And Children's Games From Around The World
Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan
The Velvet Rut
Tent #5
Ajax (por nobody)
Dance Theater Workshop: Fresh Tracks
No Mother to Guide Her
Sincerity Forever/Cleveland
Sincerity Forever
Billy the Kid
The Breakout
Deux Mariages: Romola and Nijinsky
A Mouthful of Birds
The Bacchae 2.1
The Apology
The Light Outside
Carnival Knowledge
Noses Off