Murdered by the Mob Presented by the New York Mob Show

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2hr. 45min.


The mob just made a hit but everyone is going to live to talk about it, and talking they are because, when the "boys" get together it's murder! Join us for a private audience with the Don, maybe he'll make you an offer you can't refuse. Mingle with mobsters and molls, meet the new "Boss of Bosses", break bread and heads with wiseguys and Mafia princesses. Sure you'll be rubbing elbows with goodfellas and ducking bullets over Broadway but it won't stop the fun! Eat, Drink, Dance, and be Merry, for tonight you could die...laughing!

The two and a half hour interactive comedy mystery features a three course sit down dinner and dancing . "Fuhgeddaboudit" !! You even have the chance to solve the case and win some prizes. Seven prizes in every performance including "Academy Awards" for the best actor & actress chosen from the audience.

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Murdered By the Mob Celebrates 14th Anniversary Off-Broadway - Jun 11, 2010

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