Moose Murders

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Still the Worst Show in History

When it first opened on Broadway in 1983, Frank Rich referred to Moose Murders as "the worst play I've ever seen on a Broadway stage." Presumably, the play was "significantly rewritten and revised" for this production and the play's full title on the current program is Moose Murders (Shamelessly Revised) so maybe The Beautiful Soup Theater Collective had reason to believe that they were about to stage something different from the original flop. As it turns out, it clearly wasn't different enough. This play remains absolutely appalling with no redeeming social value. Brittany Velotta, who plays the part of Snooks as if she were Marisa Tomei on steroids, is the only cast member deserving of positive mention. She brings a level of enthusiasm and ebullience to the play that is otherwise lacking. I have posted an expanded version of this review and reviews of several other Broadway, off Broadway, and off off Broadway plays on my blog