Opened Jun 30, 2011
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MoLoRa, originally presented at the Market Theatre in Johannesburg, marks South African playwright and director Yael Farber's first New York production since her acclaimed staging of Amajuba: Like Doves We Rise which was a smash hit at Culture Project in 2005. Like Amajuba, MoLoRa fuses a timely narrative with a specific musical world to create an event of extraordinary theatricality. Set after the fall of apartheid, Farber's MoLoRa reimagines the ancient Greek Oresteia to tell the story of her own country's painful and extraordinary transition to democracy. As Klytemnestra and Elektra--mother and daughter, perpetrator and victim--sit to face each other in an open hearing, MoLoRa reenacts a watershed moment in world history, illuminating the universal and excruciating choice for any victim: to seek revenge or choose forgiveness.

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PHOTO FLASH: Yael Farber and Company Celebrate Opening of MoLoRa - Jul 7, 2011

MoLoRa - Jul 6, 2011

Culture Project to Present Yael Farber's MoLaRa - May 4, 2011

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