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Opened Jun 11, 2010
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Modotti is the story of photographer, silent film actress and ultimately activist and communist subversive, Tina Modotti. Sleek and sensuous, yet as dangerous as a tiger, she tore through the male dominated political forums almost as fast as she tore through her lovers. Modotti fled to Mexico lured by the revolution and artistic excitement. Accompanied by her lover, American photographer, Edward Weston, she took on the challenge of a culture undergoing rapid change. Relishing in her new found freedom, her contemporaries were muralist, Diego Rivera, and Cuban revolutionary, Julio Mella. Taking on controversial issues is a young person's adventure, one that is bound to have dire consequences.

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Marco Greco, Jack Gwaltney, Alysia Reiner, et al. Set for Wendy Beckett's Modotti - May 26, 2010

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