Mistakes Were Made



Mistakes Were Made

This play was seen on 2/13/11 in the Barrow Street Theater West Village NYC: I didn?t know too much about this play before purchasing a ticket but I had heard that there were quite a few insider type jokes in this show. Although that was true as was obvious by riotous laughter on several occasions when I thought something was only mildly humorous it is not enough to distract from the piece. Even if you are not an insider you will still find the piece to be funny, introspective and overall amazing. In the style of Death of a Salesman, Michael Shannon brings his character, who happens to be a Broadway Producer, to life. Shannon?s portrayal of Producer Felix Artifax, who is obviously a man who will do anything or say anything to achieve the end result, is amazing. Shannon brings such enthusiasm and passion to the character that as his life unravels, before your very eyes, you will feel sorry for this man. With the exception of a 5 minute spot where his secretary comes to the stage to join him and his constant and only true companion - his pet fish, Michael Shannon commands the stage and your attention. Although the piece seemed long in spots it?s worth your time and attention.

RE:Not to be missed performance by Shannon

Walking out of the Barrow Street Theatre last night, still marveling over what I had just seen, I heard a man behind me say "Now, that was great theatre!" Absolutely right. "Mistakes Were Made" is a funny - sometimes hilarious - intelligent and layered production with a heartbreaking core at the center of the story that stays with you long after the end of the show; and as to the end of the show, the enthusiastic audience rose to their feet for Michael Shannons tour-de-force performance, an extraordinary and unforgettable creation.