If you dont run out and catch Misalliance in its very limited run at City Center Pearl Theater youll regret it forever. This is quite possibly the best production of a Bernard Shaw play ever to grace a stage in NYC. To say it is charming, funny, well-acted doesnt do it justice; it transcends all that; it is more than the sum of its parts. You cant believe it was written in 1909 is this the first use of an airplane as a plot device?; its so fresh, the comedy is so utterly contemporary. It is the result of an utterly fortuitous synergistic mix of the estimable veterans of the Pearl Theater repertory company with a few "outside" actors including the uproarious Steven Boyer. As is so often the case with the Pearl Theater Company, this below the radar production outshines its Broadway counterparts at half the ticket price.


I just saw this show 12_5_2009. It was a pleasure. The whole cast is a delight and the director deserves a standing ovation. I was not familiar with this play but I knew Shaw can be very wordy and full of speeches and I had some apprehensions about an early work. Getting the talented cast to spin through the lines like a concert pianist ripping through a fast complicated piece as if it wasnt difficult was a delight to behold. Ive seen too many period/classical pieces done with a reverence that kills the joy the makes a work come to life. This play came to life with the wit, pathos, satire my favorite and charm that make playgoing fun and thoughtful. To continue my rave review, if the timing were a drop less , 1 drop, it would be painful to watch, it wasnt. At one point I imagined I could hear the director telling the cast these words are music and this is the, fast, rhythm that make them come to life. After the show I asked a staff member if she saw rehersals, she said yes, and asked her if the director use any musical references to direct and she said, he said." the words are like arias". Wow! It worked. Thanks again for a fun evening.