Midsummer [A Play with Songs]

1hr. 45min.


A terrific rollicking two hander from Scotland

Cora Bissett (who plays Helena) and Matthew Pidgeon (who plays Bob) are absolutely terrific in this rollicking two-hander. Bob is a petty car thief with no distinctive features (which is why he's referred to as "medium Bob.") One wouldn't expect him to be a frustrated poet or to be reading Dostoevsky or to dream of being an itinerant busker – but he is and he does. Helena is an elegantly attired divorce lawyer who has just been stood up by her date (likely her married lover). One wouldn't expect these two to even meet, let alone embark on an impetuous sexual relationship – but they do. One thing leads to another. A night of sexual excess. A weekend of debauchery. Japanese bondage. Goths. Fine wines. Alcoholic blackouts. Stolen funds. Threats on Bob's life. Chase scenes. Miraculous escapes. Wedding disasters. It was all in the cards and it is very, very funny. I have posted an expanded review of this show and several other Broadway, off Broadway, and off off Broadway plays on my blog www.aseatontheaisle.blogspot.com.