1hr. 30min.



Rudderless, uninspiring, disjointed, dull, what were they thinkng when they decided to put this play on stage? 45 minutes were plenty for me.

Only one act so you are trapped in there

Maybe the point of this play was lost in the translation? Some of the acting was incredibly weak but some of the actors were professional in spite of the handicap of spouting the stunted dialogue. The story was very disjointed and odd. The characters were completely unlikeable. The lead character was a weak woman through the entirety and her personal revolution at the end meant nothing because you never knew what finally made her brave. The "surprise ending" was ridiculous. The additional background story of some sort of revolution was unnecessary. Really bad. This is supposed to be serious but some of the audience actually laughed at how silly it was. The cost must have been astronomical, what with the list of assistants which include some sort of puppet wranglers. I guess the director they fired was not the problem. Poor Cherry Lane Theater...

A Train Wreck

Nice set, though.

RE:Terrible......Waste of money

I have never seen such a disjointed play before ,it bounces around no real story except the main character is used by everyone ...sleepworthy