Made In Heaven

Opened Nov 2, 2009
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In Made In Heaven, conjoined twins Max and Benjie share everything -- a life, a career, even a penis. But when they plan to propose to their mutual girlfriend, Benjie reveals a secret so big it threatens to tear the brothers apart. Family ties are put to the ultimate test in this irreverent comedy about love in all its various forms -- and the messsy complications that invariably get in the way. "A genuinely funny farce! Hilarious dialogue and inspired physical comedy. Adds a whole new meaning to the phrase "brotherly love." A genuinely silly, entertaining romp!" - Frank Scheck, New York Post "A deliciously dicey sex comedy! Genuinely funny and consistently inventive. Pointedly silly with extremely zesty, inspired performances!" - Barbara & Scott Siegel, TheaterMania "A HUGE SUPPLY OF LAUGHS!" - Jennifer Farrar, AP

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Reviewed by Savethemonkeys645 on Nov 29, 2009

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Made In Heaven To Close December 7 at Soho Playhouse - Nov 30, 2009

Made in Heaven - Nov 2, 2009

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