Lucky Guy



Laughed and Cheered

We knew of Leslie Jordan through Will and Grace and Boston Legal. After meeting this fascinating actor in a coffee shop in Hells Kitchen, we decided to go to the show. What a great surprise ! This "little" not so little theater is really nice, the show was wonderful, songs and dancing were loads of fun, and the whole audience laughed, laughed, and laughed some more, right before the standing ovations. If anyone didnt enjoy it, they must not have taken their meds that night !! Dont go online for tickets...go to the theater for good seats we paid $44 each and our seats were just fine.

Better the second time

I saw this again after its official opening and brought some friends. I was even more impressed this time. Massey has several excellent scenes and is easily the best singer/actor here. Merman and Jordan are not great singer/actors but they carry the comedic portion of the show. The Buckaroos act as a Greek chorus and keep popping up when lease expected to move things along.

Corny, but cute...

Despite a weak story, this show has charm and appeal. The Buckaroos are great, as are the costumes, the songs arent awful, and, while the show is a bit long, its all good fun.

RE:I don't say this often: this show was delightful

I was a bit wary about a musical comedy but I took the chance. This was a great show. The singing and the songs were very good. The pacing was so good that I never felt myself drifting back to my "to-do" list. It was fun and funny until the very end. Even the curtain calls were good. Im seeing it again with friends before it ends.