Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter

1hr. 15min.



This show was so bad I actually asked for my money back. The show takes place now above a Turkish restaurant. That should have been my first clue that this was NOT an off-broadway show. I walked up the stairs and entered a nursing home. Im not joking, there was a 93 year old man in a wheelchair next to me and he smelled like OLD MAN. He was being pushed by a younger woman who was probably 75 years old. I asked for my money back after the show and the manager said he couldnt do it. DDONT go here.

RE:Love Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole

This has to be one of the worst shows I have ever seen in my life. The old woman couldnt remember the words to the songs. I think she was drunk. Plus, the drinks were extremely weak. I ordered 3 vodka sodas from the waiter, and every drink tasted like water. Dont waste your $$$$ on this. Mark