Looking for Billy Haines

2hr. 30min.


save your money

And giving 1 Star is generous. Theres an interesting germ of an idea here, but the play just doesnt work. Its difficult to know who deserves the lions share of the fault, but theres some for everybody . Acting that rarely convinces, and not just the lead; choreography that simply has no purpose, however competently executed; subplots that served no purpose; lackluster direction. Seriously, save your money.

RE:Interesting idea, but...

The concept behind this play is fascinating, and I cant fault the writing or the wonderful choreography. The problem is the leading man. Try as he does, he just cant carry this show note, hes not the title character. He is an excellent dancer, but the play is thrown completely off balance because how does one put this nicely? he lacks the requisite stage presence, line readings, and interesting characterization. It truly makes you wonder how some people are cast in the roles they play. You know youre in trouble when five minutes into the first act you want to sit the cast down and do line reading and timing exercises with them. Sigh...