Langston in Harlem



RE:Don't Miss Langston!

If youve read work by Langston Hughes or Zora Neale Hurston, youll adore seeing these legendary literary figures come to life in "Langston in Harlem." The show opens with a rousing song and dance number and features an impressive cast of actors with talent almost too large for this intimate theater. Langston Hughes poem, "A Dream Deferred" which we all know became the tagline of A Raisin In The Sun drives this musical and this poem, as well as several others are well recited and sang by the cast. I was thrilled to meet Jesse B. Simple, the character from Hughes Best of Simple poetry collection and seeing Zora Neale Hurston singing and dancing on stage only added to my delight. They even mentioned the molestation allegation that aided to the demise of Zoras career. I loved this show from the first dynamic dance number to the end and I especially loved that it covered the literary greats of the Harlem Renaissance. I saw an opening night preview performance so theres still some necessary tweeking, but this show was original and very necessary. I highly recommend.