Ladies in Retirement



What a Surprise

The audience burst into applause when the curtain opened, as did I - the set was absolutely stunning. And as mentioned among the comments here, the costumes and performances were absolutely top-drawer. The story was riveting and I hope this production gets the full house it deserves. Well done! Take advance of this great value and dont miss this show!!!

Great show

This is an excellent production. The acting is first rate...refreshing in this day and age. Two standout performances are by Carol Lambert and Burt Grinstead. The sets and costumes are outstanding. It is a good old fashioned thriller. Very enjoyable...if only Broadway could do something this good.

Ladies In Retirement

Fabulous Show! Refreshing.

RE:Take a chance and see it!

Went opening night having no idea what to expect. Wonderful performance, beautiful costumes and sets. Brought my 77 year old mom and she loved it, too. Her review: "beats the h*ll out of the cr*p they show on television. that was GREAT" Someone behind me said "as good as anything on Masterpiece Theater." So yes, worth the time, especially for theater buffs. Excellent choice for womens history month.