James Baldwin: A Soul on Fire

Opened Apr 6, 2000
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What Happens when James Baldwin invites Lorraine Hansberry, Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne to a round table discussion about race relations with Attorney General Robert Kennedy?... The New Federal Theatre and Woodie King Jr. (Producing Director) presents James Baldwin: A Soul on Fire, a theatrical experience witnessing a day in the life of activist/writer James Baldwin. James Baldwin was continually conscious of the hypocrisies and injustices in the world around him, and as a writer, he strove to make his audiences aware of the possibility that people could do, and be, better. An expatriate most of his adult life, Baldwin nevertheless wrote tirelessly about the contradictions inherent in American identity, and especially about the state of American race relations. He came to be respected as one of the sagest intellectuals in the Civil Rights Movement and a leading figure in the African American literary tradition.

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Talent Thrust - Apr 7, 2000

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