It Must Be Him



RE:It Must Be HIm

This play was seen on 8/28/10 at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater Midtown NYC: First is should be noted that this is an amazing theater, for a venue that is so small. The theater was clean, well ventilated and the stage sets extremely versatile. Countless smaller productions should be showcased in theaters as nice as this one. Peter Scolari, of Bosom Buddies and Honey I shrunk the Kids Fame, plays a very lonely, loveable, 50-something character; that is so believable you will wonder where the acting/ real life stop and start. The unobtainable object of his affection is the 20-something Patrick Cummings, who does not have an extensive resume but has the acting skills and amazing voice to back up his good looks. Scolari?s maid is played by Liz Torres who brings such an extensive background to this production that it?s truly a shame that she doesn?t sing more than a line or two during the show. This 90 minute production, without intermission, is absolutely wonderful and you will be very pleased that you went to see it because it will have you laughing out loud. But, be warned, that there is a very funny musical number about whips, chains, dildo?s, etc and unless you want to explain fetishes to your young ones this one is best viewed by older teens & adults. Although small the theater seating is so amazing that if all you can get are last row seats ? take them - because there is not a bad seat in the house. The night I went all 130 seats were sold out, so if you can?t get tickets then pick another night because you will want to see this one. With such amazing talent on the stage I?m not sure how the tickets are selling for so cheap so get them while they last and bring friends because you will want to share this one.