1hr. 20min.


This performance is a spree of riveting repertory by an array of choreographers: Han van Manen creates an awkward pairing between a vertically challenged dancer and his statuesque female partner in the ballroom dance-inspired Black Cake; Robert Battle blends vibrant color, exotic rhythms and tantalizing movements to give flight to a group of feathered dancers in Feast; Ton Wiggers sends a young couple on a frolicking chase after a winged Insekt; David Parsons' comical creativity takes center stage when two dancers - one a fuzzy torso and the other a pair of furry legs - collide to create one roly-poly, bumbing Beast; Patrick Delcroix turns dreamtime into playtime as nightshirt clad dancers romp through games of hopscotch, follow-the-leader and tag in Jeu; and Jiri Kylian turns Introdans into a company of Mozart maniacs who, in mock-ballet precision, don over-powdered wigs, skirt about in gowns on wheels and surrender to a shower of bubbles in Sechs Tanze. Appopriate for ages 6 and up.

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