In Transit

Opened Oct 5, 2010
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In this fresh take on the modern musical, seven performers take on multiple roles and create every note with their own voices for a rich theatrical experience unlike anything you've ever seen (or heard) on stage before. Inspired by the rhythms and sounds of life on the subway, In Transit follows an aspiring actress, a fledgling financier, a street-savvy beatboxer, a cab driver, and others as they find their way in New York City. The result is a vivid tapestry of characters and music in the City that never stands still.

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PHOTO FLASH: Annaleigh Ashford, Annie Golden, Jonathan Tolins and More at Primary Stages' In Transit World Premiere - Oct 6, 2010

In Transit - Oct 5, 2010

Chesney Snow, Denise Summerford, Tommar Wilson, et al. Set for Primary Stages' In Transit - Aug 2, 2010

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