In Conflict

Opened Sep 24, 2008
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In Conflict captures the unheard voices and unpredictable experiences of 17 Iraq War veterans whose lives have been changed forever. Featuring men and women from all branches and ranks, Republican and Democrat, straight and gay, immigrants and natives, hailing from all parts of the country, these remarkable veterans represent America and its complexity. In Conflict answers the question so often asked of soldiers when they return home: What happened? Their honest answers and unbelievable accounts will change the way we think about war. Following Culture Project's critically acclaimed World Premiere of George Packer's Betrayed, In Conflict explores the Iraq War from the American perspective and asks a different set of questions. What is the nature of patriotism and service in today's America? With an all volunteer army fighting a bewildering conflict (with doubts about the necessity and mission of this particular war), why is the re-assimilation process as brutal as it is? And why are these young soldiers essentially disenfranchised from the political process of war?

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In Conflict - Sep 24, 2008

Full Cast, Creative Team Set for Culture Project's In Conflict - Aug 22, 2008

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