Improbable Frequency



Odd, But Entertaining

As I went to Improbable Frequency expecting a rock musical, I was caught offguard by the opening number, sung British music hall style! But once I got into the spirit of the performance, I thoroughly enjoyed the first act--and thought parts of the pre-intermission show to be brilliant. The wordplay/puns were amusing glad they sung most of the best lines twice, so I could catch everything. The lead male performer plays British gentleman-geek perfectly and the rest of the cast, especiallyPhilomena, are charming and professional. The 2nd act was a bit of a disappointment--the silliness overwhelmed the songs. Overall, Id give it 3 or 3.5 stars out of 5. But be warned--audience members whose first language isnt English will probabybe a bit lost/frustrated. My Chinese-born girlfriend HATED it.

RE: Improbable Frequency

This is a clever satire that is great fun! Small cast plays multiple roles with tons of talent and skillful direction. Lots of production value with surprising set and costumes. The small orchestra provides first rate accompaniment. The score is witty and well -sung, the choreography is fun and everyone in the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Dont go expecting "serious" theater---this is a silly and gleeful romp.