Idiot Savant

Opened Nov 4, 2009
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Willem Dafoe stars. Marie asks the Idiot Savant, "But what makes certain words - magic?" What follows is a wild theatrical odyssey that could only have sprung from the fantastical mind of Richard Foreman, New York's legendary avant-garde genius. This new work is a philosophical comedy, in the great tradition of Ionesco and Preston Sturges. From precise existential and metaphysical acrobatics, to a ridiculous game of inter-species golf with a Giant Duck, Idiot Savant is a fresh, bracing and hilarious exploration of the boundaries of the legitimate. Presented in association with Ontological-Hysteric Theater.

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Richard Foreman's Idiot Savant, Starring Willem Dafoe, Extends Through December 20 - Nov 9, 2009

Idiot Savant - Nov 4, 2009

Richard Foreman's Idiot Savant, Starring Willem Dafoe, Completes Casting - Sep 14, 2009

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