I Have Been Here Before

Opened Feb 27, 2005
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The popular English novelist and dramatist, J. B. Priestley, was fascinated by the notion of parallel time. I Have Been Here Before is a seldom-produced gem that dramatizes the possibility that what happens here and now has happened before and will happen again. Priestley's greatest achievement, perhaps, is always to provide a colorful, engaging, forward-moving mystery story as a vehicle for his provocative hypothesis, and never to sacrifice the drama to the theory. Even more important, the notion of parallel time, whether you buy the argument or not, raises inescapable questions about ethics, choices, and purpose. While England wrestled with its choices of what, if anything, it must do vis-a-vis Nazi Germany, it is no wonder that Priestley, deep thinker and masterful dramatist, felt compelled to consider how it is we choose our paths in the dimension we call time, and what we might do otherwise. Appropriate for audiences 12 and up. There is no Thursday performance on March 17. There is no performance on Thursday, Feb 3. For subscriptions to the Pearl Theatre Company's 2004-2005 Season, click here. For group sales, call Matthew Coleman, 212-505-3401, ext. 17 or email mcoleman@pearltheatre.org.

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I Have Been Here Before - Mar 8, 2005

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