How Much Is Enough: Our Values in Question

Opened Nov 3, 2011
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Would you rather be smarter or taller? If you could have one extra hour today, what would you do with it? What's the most important thing you've ever done that you didn't want to do? How much change, just change, do you think is in the pockets and bags of the people in this room? How Much is Enough explores notions of "value"--in all its poetic iterations--quantitatively through our relations to money and qualitatively by asking what we hold dear. The piece itself is built entirely out of questions posed by three performers to audience members, to each other, to the universe, and then some, about how we live our lives, what plans we've made for the future and what advice we can offer one another as we attempt to create lives of value. Equal parts town hall meeting, party, guide for the perplexed...and then some, How Much is Enough gathers its greatest theatricality from the most interesting people in the theatre--those who usually sit in the dark.

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How Much Is Enough? - Nov 13, 2011

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