3hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


RE:A True Must-See!

HotelMotel is a wonderful respite from the distance imposed, by necessity if nothing else, on the Broadway stage and its hopefuls. Here, however, the audience is immersed within the production itself, inhabiting space usually reseved for set designers and props. It is a closeness which enhances audience awareness and heightens each plays characters and their characterization. The writings of both works are genuine and insightful. The acting is superb. Standouts are inevitable and I must give added kudos to Sarah Lemp, Anna Stromberg and Nick Lawson in Pink Kness On Pale Skin by Derek Ahonen. As concerns Animals & Plants by Adam Rapp, the entire cast proves quite remarkable. William Apps, Matthew Pilieci, Katie Broad and Brian Mendes are all outstanding and work magnificently together. I cannot recommend this double-bill enough. Together these shows exude a creativity and insight reminiscent of Sam Shepard and Edward Albee. See it!