3hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Check in to a double feature at HotelMotel for The Amoralists' most penetrating theatrical experience yet. Catch the New York premiere of Adam Rapp's Animals and Plants and the world premiere of Derek Ahonen's tragically funny Pink Knees on Pale Skin at the Gerswhin Hotel. Explore betrayal, redemption, and the human need to be close to someone else - even for a fleeting moment. With only 20 audience members at each performance, nothing you have ever seen can prepare you for this epic and intimate experience. The Amoralists. HotelMotel. Check in. Pink Knees On Pale Skin, by Derek Ahonen: To save their undersexed marriages, the Wyatt and the Williams families are meeting with Dr. Sarah, AKA the Orgy Counselor. The plan: to participate in an organized orgy held in a discrete hotel room. But on this particular night, Dr. Sarah has designed a self destructive twist, guaranteed to unleash chaos upon all involved. Pink Knees On Pale Skin: is a comedy about orgies gone bad and a drama about marriage and regret. Animals and Plants, by Adam Rapp: On the night of a terrible blizzard, two drug runners are snowbound in a cheap motel room at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. As they wait for their connection, they are visited by a mysterious young woman who may or may not figure into their future. While the snow mounts and the night slips into darkness, the money disappears, a long-time friendship is tested, and all three of their lives will be changed forever.

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PHOTO FLASH: Michael Cerveris Performs at Amoralists' Hotel Lounge Happy Hour - Oct 5, 2011

The Amoralists' HotelMotel Extends Through September 19 - Aug 23, 2011

PHOTO FLASH: Michael Cerveris, Kirsten Dunst, et al. at Opening of HotelMotel - Aug 16, 2011

HotelMotel - Aug 10, 2011

The Amoralists' Site-Specific HotelMotel to Feature Works Written and Directed by Derek Ahonen, Adam Rapp - Jun 20, 2011

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