2hr. (1 intermission)



As well as not having any heart, Sam Shepherd's new play "Heartless" has no soul either. Some gibberish about connections that were made in life carry on into death and eternity. It's a total connect the dots with out any conclusion and not one character worth caring about. Lois Smith was fine in her role as" earth mother of us all" and the set was good too. But, the play is really bad and totally not up to Mr. Shepherd's past works. If I were he and the actors, I would scratch this one off my resume ASAP. I gave it one star only because I had to....rates no stars in my book.

Heartless needs a bypass

Sam Shepard moves into Gothic territory with this pointless play. An eccentric squabbling family with 'secrets' is visited by a has-been academic. And that's the plot. No twists, no turns, just tedious and pretentious dialogue. I stayed for the second act hoping it would all come together - it didn't.