0hr. 45min.
Opened Feb 20, 2013
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Hamish, Ellen and Matt tell us all about it in this charm-filled puppet performance by Australia's Windmill Theatre (Plop!, New Vic 2012). Join the huggable haystack with a knack for problem solving as he turns a cramped burrow into a cozy home, finds food to quiet his grumbling tummy and tends his growing garden--even planting enough cabbages to feed a sneaky, snacking snail. Then: Yay! A parcel arrives! And another and another and another, and with each box, a new surprise. A tricked out set with delightful doohickies and theatrical thingamabobs makes flowers bloom and veggies grow. Based on the much loved picture book character created by Ted Prior, this fun, inventive show gives everyone a chance to get up, boogie down and party Grug-style

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