Gruesome Playground Injuries

Opened Jan 31, 2011
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just awful

The set was fantastic, but staring at it got boring after awhile. Terrible, terrible script; I cant believe 2nd stage--or anyone--would produce it.


This was, indeed a tough one to sit through. The acting was excellent when considering the difficult material which was being explored. Perhaps these types of strange characters and relationships are more common than I know, the problems of a sheltered upbringing!!. but they are quite foreign to me. I was not sure what to take away from this ingeniously staged and well acted play but I can see that there could be diametrically opposite views according to the viewer.


This show gave me one of the most irritating theatre evenings I have had in years. It was hard to judge the two actors performances because their characters were so obnoxious. A most difficult and unprofitable play to sit thru.

RE:gruesome emotional injuries

contemporary & clever with an all too real exploration of lifes little emotional cruelties, which in this story manifest themselves all too physically. ulimately, its a play with a fresh point of view about relationships - done in a very diy, minimalist style. this is a writer worth listening too.