Girl Talk: The Musical



This was so nice, I treated my GF's TWICE!

Not since one of my parties have I seen an otherwise more fun, silly, sexy, hilarious way to connect and reconnect with your girlfriends! I had such a great time Friday night, I had to share it again on Saturday with another girlfriend - and we none of us could remember the last time we laughed so hard not since one of my parties!!!. The three ladies of WPMS are amazingly talented actors and singers, and the show is a hoot! Loved, loved, loved the Sexpert character and her seemingly endless bag of goodies and tips and tricks loved to see what I do so hilariously represented; - and the Mouth Macarena is something so LOL funny that I cannot think of a better way to get a party started, anytime, anywhere! Poignant, timely, FUNNY, smart and sassy, you will want to see and come back again! Leave your high-brow at the door, kick back, and just have an amazing time with your girlfriends! And, if you want to keep the party going with your girlfriends, find me on FaceBook: Pure Romance by Andreea


If you are a woman excellent if your a guy you will still enjoy.The sex doctor makes the show.


Saw this show with girls from work, 8 of us in all!! we totally dove in feet first, boas, tiaras the whole nine yards!! the show starts with one my favorite songs ever- Lets get loud!!! So we were on our feet from the start! This show is so funny!! the girls are all super funny and talented singers...the Dr. is outrageous in a good way!! we were able to join the fun in the mouth Macarena! I want to come back with my sisters! I want this sound track!! Ladies this is a great girls night out! Go see it and have fun!!!


Totally hysterical show. The girls were amazing... the girl who played the therapist was a hoot. My friends and I are still talking about the show... I swear my face hurt for two days. If you are looking for a great night out with your friends, this is it. Dont miss this show!


I went with a large group this last weekend and it was fantastic! My friend "the bride to be" was brought on stage to learn the mouth Macarena!!! OMG so much fun! We laughed almost the whole time! OH and ps...these girls can sing!! This is a MUST SEE with all your girl friends!!

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Very disappointing.