Ghosts (BAM)

Opened Jun 10, 2003
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Dissipation and disease fester behind a smokescreen of philanthropic do-goodism in the great director Ingmar Bergman's searing production of Ghosts, Henrik Ibsen's hyperrealist drama of a family gone tragically wrong. Mrs. Helene Alving, a widow living on her husband's estate with her maid, strives to keep up appearances and to maintain his good name. Things aren't as they seem, of course. And the startling truths that inevitably unfold set in motion a series of ultimately calamitous events.

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Jun 11, 2003
Pernilla August and Jonas Malmsjö in Ghosts(Photo © Bengt Wanselius) Even though Ingmar Bergman is just about to turn 85 and has declared that the Read More

Ghosts - Jun 11, 2003

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