Fuerza Bruta

1hr. 10min.


Creative, Different - GREAT!

This show is artistic in its creativity. Its not like anything else youve seen. The originality is not the only thing that makes this show good, it is fun in its abstract exciting activities. Makes a great date!

Fuerza Bruta

I have the highest regard for all those in the theater world who "put themselves out there" and try to do something different. However, sadly, Fuerza Bruta does not work. This is experimental theater that for me lacked cohesiveness and coherence. The production relies upon very, very loud sound effects, bursts of light, mist and "fog" and in general,shock tactics. Watch out for the water hose near the end. There are just a few moments of visual intrigue, such as is the case with the overhead water dancing. However, after a few moments, this too,became much less interesting. No one in my party of five could come up with any reasonable explanation of theme. If you are very young, you might enjoy the sudden cacophonic bursts and the wild dancing at the conclusion, in which the audience is invited to participate. I, for one, at this point, was trying to find the exit in the dark. Unfortunately, this was not an enjoyable experience for me, though I do respect the producers and actors for trying to "think out of the box."

Unbelievably Incredible

This is a family, date night, and go with all your friends kind of a venue. It was absolutely amazing and totally mind blowing to realize that something like that existed in NYC. Very cool, and well worth the money and the time. Def made my night. Ive went 3 times since my first. Highly recommended.

I looked up... and yawned

Call me crazy, but I thought this show was interminable. Like a bad movie with a good cinematographer, there were a couple of transcendent moments, but the whole thing just felt empty and kind of dumb. If youre in your 20s and like to jump up and down, you might like this show, but for anyone with a brain, look elsewhere. My kids didnt like it, and neither did I. Its as though someone had one cool idea - yeah, lets have a transparent swimming pool above the audience, and then spent $2 million crafting a plotless framing device for that one cool idea.

Great Experience

High energy, great creativity, totally absorbing


The show was amazing. SO much more than i tought it would be. Highly recommended

amazing show

such a unique experience...unlike anything I have seen!


Unbeatable surrealistic experience. The best show I have ever seen. Not a traditional play. Endless unpredictable events. A must see for all vanguard lovers.


Unbeatable surrealistic experience. The best show I have ever seen. Not a traditional play. Be prepared for the unexpected in a mind-widening performance.