Freud's Last Session

1hr. 25min.


Awesome- loved it!

Just came home from the city and my husband and I are still talking about the play. Acting was fabulous and the dialogue superb. Will definitely recommend this one to friends. See it.

Dr. S.

I see about 10 to 12 shows a year and all 4 of us who saw it together really loved this show. The acting was top notch and it is quite funny while taking on serious topics. Very smartly written. There is not a bad seat in the theater and I so much prefer going to 63 Street rather than going to the 40s.

An Intellectually Disappointing Play

Notwithstanding the generally favorable reviews this show has garnered, I found it rather simplistic and intellectually sophomoric. Freud and Lewis were considered two of the intellectual giants of their day and that just doesnt come across here. I have posted a long review of this play and several others on my blog

RE:Great play

What a wonderful little play. The writing is excellent and the performances are terrific. I thought it might be a little dry but I was laughing more then I do at some comedies. Well worth seeing.