Freckleface The Musical

1hr. 10min.


Run, not walk, to this show!

I booked tickets to this show expecting it to be like the other childrens productions I have been to in the city. I was anxious when I first walked up to the building even. I was so wrong. The show was amazing. The singing was fabulous. It appealed to my 4 year old son, my 7 year old daughter, and my husband and me. We bought the cd and have played it Lmost every day. It is pricier than many of the childrens musicals, but it was wor every penny!

Freckleface Strawberry The Musical

Wonderful play for children and adults. Fun and engaging while teaching lessons about acceptance of ourselves and others.

RE:Great Show for Kids and Adults

Wonderful blend of adult and child humor. Really enjoyable for all ages.