Flamingo Court

Opened Jul 31, 2008
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Emmy Award nominee Jamie Farr and Tony Award nominee Anita Gillette star in Luigi Creatore's comedy, Flamingo Court, directed by Steven Yuhasz. The pair take on multiple roles in three one act plays featuring the loopy and endearing residents of a South Florida apartment complex.Each floor is another story with a lesson to learn. Sex after sixty's no sin. Where there's a will, there's a way (for your kids to fight over the inheritance). And love, at any age, can be a new and beautiful thing. "...Jokes poured from the stage, and in every row, at least one woman turned to the one next to her, who was turning to her as well, to look at each other and share the laugh at what they'd just heard. The result is a big fat hit...both Jamie Farr and Anita Gillette do yeoman work in traversing through the three one-acts." -Peter Filicia, TheaterMania.com

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Reviewed by chromiony on Sep 8, 2008

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Flamingo Court - Jul 31, 2008

Jamie Farr and Anita Gillette to Star in Flamingo Court - May 9, 2008

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