This is one of the most engaging, most thought provoking, most lingering plays I have ever seen. It is cleverly written and well acted -- I cannot think of a better way to spend the evening, and will go again before the run is complete.


Well maybe 3.5 stars. This is a show with a clever premise and much promise which it somehow fails to deliver fully. The dialogue and the acting by the small very versatile cast is excellent. The spare set effective. But the play seems to lose its way in the multiple flashbacks and changes of character, which even for an ex-Brit with a decent knowledge of the history of the time and of Shakespeares works, quotes from which spatter the dialogue, take some following, especially at the climax. The portrayals of Shakespeare Shagspeare as he is known in the play!!, himself and of Sir Henry Cecil are very good but I felt that the introduction of Shakespeares daughter and his tortured relationship with her detracted from the central theme. I think I would write that out and shorten the play a bit to make its real central impact i.e. Equivocation - more forceful. I didnt NOT enjoy the play, on the contrary good some good periods of dialogue and energetic acting are always enjoyable, but I just did not feel that it did justice to an important, relevant, topical central issue.