1hr. 30min.
Opened Mar 14, 2004
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Written and directed by Tim Robbins, Embedded is a ripped-from-the-headlines satire about the madness surrounding the brave women and men on the front lines in a Mideast conflict. This raucous and outrageous comedy from The Actors' Gang skewers cynical embedded journalists, scheming government officials, a show-tune singing colonel, and the media's insatiable desire for heroes. Now featuring Tim Robbins in the cast! What people are saying about Embedded: "A savagely witty very smart, very screwball and ultimately very chilling comedy"--Jessica Werner, San Francisco Chronicle "Wildly entertaining...you'll find more truth about war on this stage than you will in most newspapers."--John Simpson, BBC "Embedded is a great play, with a lot of heart and the intellectual soul to bravely synthesize and criticize the overwhelming loads of waste and litter that currently pass for news and patriotism, military acumen and honor. It's also wickedly funny and horribly realistic in this era of Powder Puff journalism and obscurant executive branch government." -- Anthony Swofford, author of Jarhead (USMC Veteran) "Fox News called it tasteless? Must be good." -- Al Franken

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Tim Robbins to Join Cast of Embedded - Apr 23, 2004

Embedded - Mar 15, 2004

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