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Don't venture to this side of the fence

A lot of talk goes on interminably about how we don't know or socialize with our neighbors in the new millenium, as we did in the good old 1950's and 60's. With neighbors like the two couples in "Detroit", I wouldn't bother with them either. Last week we had the incomprehensible, "Heartless" down the block, but at least that one made you stop and think for about two minutes. This one, "Detroit" bombards you with so much nonsense and inane dialogue and mundane monologues, that you can't wait to escape the theatre. Aside from Amy Ryan, the acting is flat, the direction all over the place. I couldn't help thinking that the last couple of new plays I've seen, have gone from bad to worse. Again this one is only a zero star effort. Skip it and watch an cable comedy or drama instead. More insight there than here.