Defending the Caveman

Opened Mar 7, 2010
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Defending the Caveman is the hilarious comedy about the sexes written by Rob Becker, starring Paul Perroni. If you're in a relationship, want to be in a relationship, are thinking about a relationship or used to be in a relationship, then Defending the Caveman is the comedy show for you! Variety says Caveman is "Hysterically funny! Caveman made me laugh until tears rolled down my cheeks. People were holding their sides. The woman sitting next to me laughed until she choked." The New York Times calls defending the Caveman "a comic phenomenon" and they must be right: Caveman has been seen in forty-five countries and been translated into 30 languages. Couples are sure to be roaring with laughter and exchanging knowing glances during CAVEMAN. You haven't seen CAVEMAN? Have you been living in a cave? WARNING: Serious nudging and uncontrollable laughter has been known to take place during the performance.

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Defending the Caveman Extends Off-Broadway Through May 2 - Mar 22, 2010

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