Defender of the Faith

Opened Mar 8, 2007
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A thriller set in 1980s Northern Ireland, Stuart Carolan's Defender of the Faith takes audiences inside the IRA, where secret operations have been compromised and the unthinkable is afoot: an informer is suspected to be operating secretly in the midst of a close knit family. A sinister IRA investigator arrives and his terrifying "investigations" begin to gnaw away at the edges of a fierce familial loyalty. Five years after the celebrated 1981 hunger strikes and in the midst of the paranoia surrounding informers in the Irish Republican movement, the family faces a turning point. The end result makes for a heart-stopping theatrical experience. Ciarán O'Reilly directs this American premiere. The cast features Matt Ball, Marc Aden Gray, Luke Kirby, David Lansbury, Anto Nolan, and Peter Rogan. NOTE: This production contains mature language and subject matter and is not intended for young audiences.

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Defender of the Faith - Mar 12, 2007

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